A flat belly has always been the focus part of a female body image. Still, both men and women struggle every day to get their bellies flat. Burning fat from that body part isn’t always easy and exercises that focus on your abdominal muscles rarely show results in reducing fat at that specific spot, but why? Here, we will answer all these questions and give you some of the best lean stomach tips that will completely transform the way your body looks and feels.

Some of the best tips for having a lean belly include increasing your fiber intake, do weekly cardio exercises, enjoy a protein shake or smoothie every now and then, eat fat-rich foods instead of avoiding them, and reduce the number of processed sugars (carbs). People taking probiotics also notice a positive effect on their diet. Fat burning is a global process and should always be treated as such. Losing fat just from the belly is impossible as we lose fat from all our bodies. In fact, the stomach is one of the last places we lose body fat from. This is why the most important tip to reach your goal is having persistence. 

Let’s dive deep into this topic now and see why and how our bodies create and store fat.

How Our Bodies Handle Fat

Fat is one of the most important parts of our metabolism. It helps us store energy and use it whenever we have depleted our short term energy supplies, such as glycogen and glucose. The amount of fat in our bodies grow as the calorie intake increases. What this means is that the more calories we consume above our daily average, the more we will store in the form of fat. That is, of course, if we do not exercise and burn out the excess calories taken throughout the days. This is called a caloric surplus and it always leads to storing fat all across your body. Both men and women tend to gain fat easy around their waste, although women tend to gain more a little bit easier. That is due to the fact that fat can also play a protective and warming part to one of the ovaries located in that region.

The opposite condition is called caloric deficit and it basically means taking less calories than your body needs per day. What this does is that you initiate metabolic pathways to dissolve fat and use it as energy supply to cover that caloric gap you created by eating slightly less.

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So, what is the logical conclusion? Well, in theory if we eat slightly less than what our bodies need, we will stimulate our bodies to burn more fat. If we eat more, then we will store the excess amount of calories into fat.

How does the body decide to store fat in a specific spot then? It doesn’t. It stores fat in its so-called depots gradually starting from the belly and chest, moving to the upper legs and arms and then neck, buttocks, and other parts. Sadly, burning fat happens in the reverse order with our bellies being the last in line…

The Best Tips To Work Against That

Apart from being a risk factor for certain diseases, belly fat can also affect the way we feel about ourselves and can also make us feel bloated. This is why we came up with a few great tips on how you can reverse all that and make your body work in your favor. Let’s check them out:

  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Consider Probiotics
  • Do cardio exercises
  • Don’t be afraid of a few protein shakes
  • Eat fat-rich foods (monounsaturated fats)
  • Eat fewer carbs

Let’s take a closer look at each of those individual tips now…

Eating Fiber

Soluble fiber should be your best friend. It helps food pass slower through your digestive system increasing its absorption rate. It also binds to the food in the intestines and to a degree reduces the amount of absorbed calories from the food putting you into a slight caloric deficit if you are eating around your daily mark.

Fiber also helps the body regulate the fat around the organs, including the intestines. This ultimately reduces the bloating of your stomach and helps it get lean and flat.


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What probiotics are is essentially live bacteria in pills. These pills play a major role in many people’s diets and weight loss programs. Overweight people have different gut bacteria composition which worsens the situation when it comes to fat gaining and storing.

There are strains of probiotics that have been particularly effective against fat that accumulates around the belly. These are:

  • Lactobacillus fermentum
  • L. amylovorus
  • L. gasseri


Cardio is the best method of burning through excess calories that you’ve taken throughout your day. As we already mentioned, the key to fat burning is being in a calorie deficit. This can happen by either eating less food or by exercising. Different exercises have different rate of burning through calories in your body. At first, most exercises will use the immediate fuel which is glycogen. It is stored in your muscle cells.  After some time that will be depleted and the body will have to look elsewhere. That is when the fat cells start releasing triglycerides into your bloodstream.

One excellent way of burning fat in all parts of your body and strengthening your abdominal muscles to make them pop is ab machines. Head over to our buyer’s guide if you want to see which are the best ab machines we’ve reviewed for this year!

Protein Shakes

Having enough protein to your diet can help you maintain a healthier muscle system. Protein shakes also help with reducing your overall appetite and further increase the fat loss process. They are also one of the best ways of adding some extra protein to your diet.

Eating More Monounsaturated Fats

This has been a controversial topic half a decade ago when people thought that eating fat gets you fat. Nowadays, that has been proven entirely wrong and, in fact, the opposite of the truth. Eating more healthy fats, present in nuts, fish, eggs, and others can help you boost your fat metabolism and allow your body to process fat better. That will create an array of health benefits for your body but will also increase the speed with which you burn through stored fats.

We’ve compiled a whole article on clean eating breakfast ideas in case you don’t know how to start your day off properly.

Limit Carb Intake

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There is plenty of proof that low-carb diets help reduce the fat around your organs which then reduces your waistline. Refined carbohydrates are also bad for many of your bodily systems and prevent you from having moderate blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Final Words

Having a few lean stomach tips up your sleeve can always be a great addition to your diet plan and your workout routines. As a whole, concentrate on creating a slight calorie deficit for your body either by eating slightly less or by exercising. The key is in moderation and not going into an excessive hunger strike against the fat in your body as this can cause the opposite reaction.

The 10 Best Lean Stomach Tips- A Few Steps For A Flat Belly
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The 10 Best Lean Stomach Tips- A Few Steps For A Flat Belly
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